How much time do I need to order a dress?

At Sienna Von Hildemar we don’t keep stock of dresses as each dress is made to measure for each bride. We have try on sets, which are not finished dresses with all finished trims but purely for fit.

Dress production times can vary due to time of year, fabric allocations, lace manufacturing, hand detailing. We recommend allowing as much time as possible so that your dress creation is booked into a schedule and doesn’t end up being last in at a busy time of year.

Of course, should an order need to be put through quickly we can be flexible as long as no other order is compromised.

For further assistance, contact us and we’d be happy to help with any questions: studio@siennavonhildemar.com

Can I customise a dress from the collection?

For made to measure we can only do certain measurement alterations. This is because these alterations can be done with a simple grading formula rather than constructing a new pattern.

Any style customisations will fall into bespoke as it will require time for design sketches for your approval and a full new pattern and fitting to be made.

We can do minimal pattern changes to an existing style, i.e. adding or removing a train, lengthening sleeves. These would be priced at a case by case basis depending on time and detailing.

If you have any questions regarding changes to a dress in the Sienna Von Hildemar colletion feel free to contact us at studio@siennavonhildemar.com

What is the difference between made-to-measure, customised and bespoke?

A made-to-measure dress means you try on a fit sample to ascertain the starting size and measurement changes to be made. We then use an existing pattern and making only these size changes using a grading system.

Our customised service allows you to customise the detailing/embellishments on the dress. I.e. if you love the Brigitte dress but you want a different beaded embellishment, we can design something just for you.

Bespoke means a whole new pattern is created for a new design as well as up to 2 mock ups of the dress to be fitted on you to ensure the fit is just right before making up your dress.

How much does a Sienna Von Hildemar dress cost?

Prices made-to-measure start from £900 for bridal separates and £1200 for gowns. For made-to-measure ‘create’, the above prices are used as a base price and design surcharges are quoted on a case by case basis depending on complexity of design and material costs.

Bespoke prices start at £2000.

When you place your order you will need to pay a 50% of the total. The balance will then be paid on or before your collection appointment.

When do I need to pay for my dress?

What happens if I lose weight before my wedding dress is finished?

It’s very common for brides to loose some weight before their wedding, although at Sienna Von Hildemar we maintain a healthy eating philosophy rather than a crash diet philosophy as we believe a happy mind wins over a smaller body.

If you’re having a bespoke dress created, we recommend that any weight changes are best to happen during the mock up stage. This means that while the paper pattern is still being created and adjusted, any size changes can be made before the finished garment is sewn.

If you’re ordering a made-to-measure or made-to-measure ‘create’ dress then we recommend placing your order so that your space in our production schedule is secured. We can then discuss the best time to book in your fitting, allowing enough time to produce your dress before your wedding while still giving you time to make any changes you want.

As we get closer to the summer months, our fitting schedules fill up so as long as you have your space booked in you’ll be fine.